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Classroom activity ideas!


First day of school?!? Read ‘A Unique Start From 6 Feet Apart’ and discuss all of the unique changes this school year. Then, ask the kids to represent some ways that school is different or ways they will keep themselves and others safe this year on their foldable. Allow students the opportunity to draw or use words to represent their thinking. 


This would be a great post-read aloud activity to keep the kids engaged and occupied while you double, triple, and quadruple check how each kid is getting home on the first day. Let's face it we - dismissal is one of the scariest parts of the first day of school! 


If your school has a morning show this book would be prefect to read aloud. Each class could then complete an anchor chart about keeping themselves and others safe to display in the hallways, hang in a window, etc. The kids could draw individual pictures and you could attach them to the anchor chart. You could call it your “Let’s get off to a good start from 6 feet apart” campaign or your schools “PPE promise”



Give each student a disposable mask and markers and let the creativity flow!  Of course, only allow them to use markers or crayons that are safe. Masks don't necessarily need to be worn, maybe just used to hang off their desk.

IMG_4736 2.jpg

Let the kids choose a page from the book and create their own illustration for that page. Hang their illustrations around the room as reminders of how they can keep everyone safe. 


Create a mask for your favorite book. Tell the kids to think of it like creating a new book cover!

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